What is See it Gro?

See It Gro is a family run business that produces peat free grow bags that are designed for the Grow Your Own home gardener; experienced or first time growers. Our colourful designs will brighten up any space, indoors or out!

What are See It Gro grow bags made from?

Our See It Gro bags are made from Coir. Coir is made from the outer husk of the coconut, a by product of the coconut industry. The coir is washed and treated to ensure it provides the ideal environment for your plants.

Why are See It Gro bags so much better than traditional grow bags?

Our peat free See it Gro bags provide a much better rooting environment for your plants, providing the perfect air to water ratio to ensure healthy roots. The greater depth of coir available to the plants will also aid plant health and help drive greater yields for you.

Where can I use my See It Gro?

See it Gro bags can be used either inside or out.

How do I use See I Gro?

Simply add water to your See it Gro bag as instructed, and watch it rehydrate to fill the bag. Plant your young plant. Add an application of fertiliser at planting and water as required. Link to Instructions page

What can I grow in See it Gro?

See it Gro bags are great for growing all sorts of fruit veg and flowers. Last year we grew tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, chillies and aubergine plants – one plant per bag. They are also ideal for 2 -3 Strawberry plants, or a selection of herb plants.

Do See it Gro bags contain fertiliser?

No. Fertiliser needs to be added on a regular basis/as required by each plant.

What can I feed my See It Gro bag with?

Any multi-purpose feed will work well.

How often do I need to feed my See I Gro?

Add fertiliser when you first plant your plant then once every week, increasing to twice weekly during fruiting/flowering

What can I do when I have finished with my See it Gro?

If you remove your plants without losing too much coir, and you do not have pests or diseases in the coir, you may re-use the bag the following year. If you do not wish to reuse your See it Gro bag the polythene can be recycled, and the coir added to any border or bed.