The See It Gro Gallery

Mini Grow Bags

Plants in colourful growbags growing on the decking. A selection of plants in growbags Our peat free Grow bags on the window sill

Daffodils in a blue grow bag next to the fence. Grow bags placed on the steps on the patio Growbags on the steps  A plant growing next to a bench in the garden

 The Kids Herb Bag Range 

Mini herb grow bags fit nicely on the window sill Mini herb bags in the kitchen Ryan planting in the mini herb bagsHerb Bags selection Herb Bags growing on a shelf Herb bag containers

 Our Growers

Jackie Clarke with a plant Katie with a plant in a grow bag Laura with a selection of plants growing

Andrew with chillis grown in grow bags Ryan watering the herb bags on the decking  Annie with some chillis grown in the garden John & Ruth watering the herb bagsJo harvesting fruit from a plant in the garden Harvesting fruit from a plant Megan & George with a tomato plant in the garden Peter Clarke with a plant Charlie with a selection of plants keir inside a greenhouse Sam with chillis in a pink grow bag  

Fruit & Veg 

Plants growing on the garden patio  Growing fruit and vegetables Lots of fruit and vegetables growing on the decking

Strawberries grow well in our grow bags Hot chilly peppers growing Chillis grown from a grow bag Strawberries grown from a growbag

 See It Gro Shows 

IMG_1259 See it gro Show See it gro Show  See it gro Show See it gro Show See it gro Show

The making of the See It Gro ‘How To’ film

See it gro Filming See it gro Filming See it gro Filming

See it gro Filming See it gro Filming See it gro Filming See it gro Filming