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Let’s Get Growing with See It Gro Mini Grow Bags 

Easy to use….

  • Remove the plastic sleeve and keep for future reference, if using scissors be careful not to cut the grow bag. Place the bag on a flat surface and make sure the block is central in the middle of the bag. (Please remember if hydrating the bag inside that there are drainage holes in the bottom so make sure the bag is in a bowl or hydrating in the kitchen sink also works well).


  • Very slowly add 2.5 litres of luke warm water, then stand back and watch the coir expand in front of your eyes (this should take roughly 15 minutes). The grow bag is ready once the coir has filled the bag and looks soft and fluffy. Feel free to fluff up the coir with your fingers.
  • Each grow bag has drainage holes in the bottom. If your plant needs extra drainage carefully cut 2cm vertical slits in the very bottom in the middle of each side of the bag. Be careful when using a sharp knife. If you need to ask an adult to help you.

Drainage slits2 Drainage slits1

  • Make a hole in the coir and add your plant making sure the roots of the plant are completely covered with coir. It important to add multi-purpose plant food as soon as you have planted your plant and then weekly to keep you plants healthy and strong.


Let’s Get Growing with See It Gro Herb Bags

Herb Bags Ryan 1 Herb Bags Ryan 3

The See It Gro Herb Bag range includes everything you need to grow herbs and home. The handy plastic packaging acts as a useful tray (so your windowsills don’t get dirty) and the other half can be used as a propagator lid to cover your bags to help the seeds germinate.KIDS INSTRUCTIONS

  • Open the 3 small bags. Slowly add 350ml of water and watch the coir expand in front of your eyes.
  • Carefully make small drainage holes in the bottom of the hydrated bag.
  • Thinly sow your seed and make sure they are covered with a thin layer of coir.
  • Use one half of the plastic packaging as a tray under your three bags, use the other half as a propagator lid on top of the three bags.
  • When ready pick your herbs when they are ready and use in salads or cooking.

Place the bags in a warm sunny location like a windowsill.

Image 12 Image 13 Herb Bags John & Ruth 2

When the seedlings start to appear (7-14 days) remove the plastic propagator lid and make sure your bags are in a light airy location.

Water and feed the bags regularly.

herb bag instructions