Coming soon….

We have loads of ideas and are working on several exciting additions to the See It Gro family.

The propagator 

A small 12 coir pellet propagator, perfect for germinating fruit and veg seeds at home.


 See It Gro Seeds Range

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A collection of seeds selected by us to get you started with your fruit and veg. We have chillies, strawberries, a selection of herbs, peppers and tomatoes to choose from. Germinate your seeds in the See It Gro propagator and then once the small plants have established move them into the Mini Gro Bag.

The Window Sill Herb Collection

We have had great feed back from initial trials for our Kids Herb Range, and we have had loads of mums (and dads) asking if we can do a set for adults.  We have chosen soft pastel colours for this set so the bags will look right at home in a country kitchen.  The set is still being designed but as soon as we have some snaps we’ll let you see them.

In the meantime if you have any bright ideas for what you would like us to do next please let us know!!

Mini Grow Bag         Kids Herb Range          Grow Bag Tray