The Grow Bags

The grow bags with a difference.

Over the last 18 months we have been working to create a family of growing products that are environmentally friendly and make gardening at home, easy and most importantly fun and productive!

As keen gardeners ourselves we wanted to encourage gardeners of all ages and all abilities to get growing. Our bright and colourful designs, which come in a variety of sizes, mean that everyone can give gardening a go.

“I don’t have a garden” is no longer an excuse!!

Meet the See It Gro family

The Mini Grow Bag

Image 1

This was the first member of the See It Gro family.  Small and light this grow bag is the perfect size for growing one tomato plant or a selection of herbs. The size means it can fit into any outdoor space be it on the back step, a roof terrace, balcony, or for those lucky enough to have a larger garden, a patio or greenhouse. The Mini Grow bag comes in 6 bright colours so there is one to suit every taste and garden design.

The Herb Bag Range

Image 2

Launching in spring 2014 the Herb Bag range is a complete growing set containing everything you need to grow herbs on the window-sill. This set is perfect for children who like to see fast results and chefs who like to have fresh herbs at hand on the kitchen counter. The set of three cute grow bags make for a fun and unusual gardening project that we hope will be loved as much as the Mini Grow Bags.


What’s next…

We have a few more additions to the See It Gro family to come and we will be updating everyone on how we are progressing.

We hope that as the family grows, more and more gardeners will become aware of the impact gardening has on the environment and that they need to look for peat free alternatives for growing. We hope to inspire more and more young people to take up gardening, a hobby they will continue for years to come.