The Big Benefits

Our bags may be small but they have big benefits. 

The Mini Grow Bag

What make our grow bags different from other grow bags on the market?


grow bag with arrows

 Our bags are SMALLER…

A See It Gro Mini Grow Bag is about the size of a box of milk tray chocolates; measuring only 18x18x5cm before hydration and 18x18x22cm when fully hydrated. For gardeners with limited space, fitting in a traditional grow bag (which measures approximately 100x33x5cm) can be challenging. The size of our bags makes it ideal for patios, balconies and kitchen counter tops.

See it gro bags placed on the stairs

Plants on a window sill plants placed on the stairs in growbags

For gardeners wanting to grow herbs from seeds for the first time or only have a windowsill for growing we have our See It Gro Herb Bags.  Our set of 3 bags are the perfect size to fit on a window sill and are ideal for kids and chefs alike. Each bag measures only 8x8x10cm.

Our bags are LIGHTER… 

See It Gro Mini Grow Bags weigh only 650 grams making them easy to pick up off the shelf compared to the heavy and cumbersome traditional peat grow bags which most people struggle to even lift. See It Gro grow bags are easy to move around once planted which gives gardeners the flexibility to be creative: Everyone can now invest in a garden, which can move with them.

Grow bag on the table Plant on the table Cat in front of a plant

Our Herb bags are even lighter, with the set only weighing  200 grams . The set comes with a handy little tray so the bags can be moved around to follow the sunshine.

Our bags are PEAT FREE…

We all know the importance of protecting the environment. Our bags are completely peat free and come from a renewable source, therefore helping to protect our precious wetlands.


The average traditional grow bag has a height of 5-10cm, our See It Gro Mini Grow Bags have a height of 22 cm, maximizing the room for root growth. Strong healthy roots will mean that the plant will thrive and produce more fruit or veg.

Tomatoes being harvested Some tomatoes not quite ready yet Plants

Our Herb Bags are for growing herbs from seed and the depth of the bag and mix of the coir makes the ideal environment to germinate and grow your herbs.


Our bags are made from COIR…

All See It Gro products are made from coir. Coir is made from the outer husks of coconuts and is a by product of the coconut industry. Our factory in Sri Lanka sources the husks from nearby coir mills in what is known as the “coconut triangle”. We wash the coir with spring water and add calcium before drying it in natural sunlight. Next the coir is compressed so it becomes compact and easily transportable which reduces our carbon footprint. We always make sure we source the best quality coir and a natural spring water source because this affects the end product.

Children watering tomatoes in the garden Watering the growbag Checking the progress


All our bags are eco-friendly being made from a sustainable resource. We take care to ensure that the way we operate is ethically responsible. We strive to maintain the best working conditions in our factory and are particularly proud of the benefits available to our employees.